The seventh-day Sabbath of the Bible celebrates the finished work of creation. God spoke and the universe existed. Before He spoke there was nothing. But since the speaking of the creative word, the universe has never ceased to be. It has not been necessary for the Creator to speak the worlds once more into existence, for the things of God's creation never go away. Neither do they come into existence slowly, little by little. The first light did not faintly appear, growing brighter year by year until there was finally enough for sight. All the light required appeared at once with the command, "Let there be light." The work of God's creation remains always what He has made it. A sparrow does not become a vulture, nor the palm tree a cactus. The work of YAH remains forever! Amen!

The joy that YAH experienced at creation He gives to us in His true Sabbath. When one accepts God's rest, a new creature is spoken into existence. And like that first creation, this new creature never goes away. There is no need of his being spoken back into existence daily, for he wakes every morning from rest, thanking God for His gift of eternal life. The Sabbath celebrates forever the power of the Creator's word and rest.

"Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy." For years all I remembered was the right day (Saturday). I thought that was the only requirement. So, I religiously counted up to seven each week and became seated at the proper time and place. I never realized that God was instructing me to keep holy. The Sabbath was holy from Creation; it was me He wanted to keep holy. Since I was not holy, I could not keep the Sabbath holy. The word "keep" means "do not loose it." Remember the Sabbath, a perpetual sign; do not stop being holy. If you find someone saying that the experience of the Sabbath is not perpetual in him, you may know that he has not yet experienced it. Holiness is the Creator's Rest (Christ, Himself, in you "the hope of glory").

When I would inquire from my instructors the way of holiness, they would explain that all of us are growing. As long as we are getting better every day, sinning less and less,even if we die in the long process it will be all right, as long as we are "headed in the right direction." This endless round of sin and repentance was termed "Christian growth". "Spiritual evolution" more aptly describes it, however.

Three years ago YAH succeeded in leading me into the true Sabbath of His rest. I accepted the very gift Sabbath commemorates, eternal life. And just like the rest of God's creation, it is always there. Man's works and ways were then revealed to me for what they are, unrest--and a foolish "Theosophy" of getting better and better, until one is finally lost altogether. I had never before experienced lasting peace; never had I known the reality of being perpetually kept--resting "in the hollow of His hand".

Now my trust is in Him to keep me, not in myself to get better. Now He does keep me, and I do remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy--He keeps it holy in me by His life. I am no longer deceived by the lie of "Spiritual evolution". The truth of the Creator's Sabbath has set me free.

You have heard it said we are living in "the last days". I had my last day as an evolutionist when I received the gift of Christ's life, which includes His holy rest--the true Sabbath. When you decide to believe in the spoken word of creation and leave the evolution experience behind, you too will experience your last day and the beginning of the real you, a new creation. YAH will never let you down. He will protect you in the great crisis and even in the small trials-- anytime you are in need. You will begin to share with others the truth of the Sabbath creation that you are! You will witness as they also hear the Word spoken and come into eternal-life existence. You will like "the new you" and the Sabbath of your Creator. "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy."

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