CSDA Internet Radio

Creation Seventh Day Adventist Internet Radio broadcasts online 24/7 with inspirational, educational, and spiritual programming.

Please see below for a program schedule. If the in-browser player above does not work, please click here to listen now on Radiolize.
Direct mp3 downloads of programs are available by clicking the "download" link by each listing.

For additional programs, including sermons, Bible studies, and videos, please visit here.

  • Letters to Rachel pt. 1 - The Fall of an Archangel (download)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 2 - The Seduction in Eden (download)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 3 - The Patience of the Saints (download)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 4 - The Avatar of YAHWEH (download)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 5 - The Death-Knell of The Dragon (download)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 6a - In Spirit and In Truth (Part 1) (download)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 6b - In Spirit and In Truth (Part 2) (download)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 7 - The Cleansing of The Sanctuary (download)
  • Letters to Rachel pt. 8 - Standing in The Judgment (download)
  • "Babylon is Fallen" - Kathy Slater
  • Crucified Afresh! (download)
  • Pastor John Marik's Testimony (download)
  • Denominational Appeal (download)
  • The Trademark Name (download)
  • The Reformation (download)
  • We'll Build on the Rock - Ann Meeker
  • The Sanctified Life (download)
  • Creation vs. Evolution (download)
  • The Faith of Jesus (download)
  • An Hundred and Forty-four Thousand - Kathy Slater
  • The Final Warning (download)
  • God is our Refuge and Strength - Kathy Slater
  • The Great Rock (download)
  • Heart of Unity (download)
  • A Mighty Fortress is our God - Kristi Oostdyk
  • Individuality in Religion (download)
  • The Intercessor (download)
  • The Martyrdom of Polycarp (download)
  • Precious Promises of God (download)
  • Remember the Sabbath Day - Kathy Slater
  • The Sabbath Rest Principle (download)
  • The Victory (download)
  • The True Family (download)
  • True Liberty (download)
  • The Two Trees (download)
  • Give unto the Lord - Kathy Slater
  • Eight Laws of Health (download)
  • A Shelter in the Time of Storm - Ann Meeker
  • Living Foods and Natural Law (download)
  • The Marvelous Banana (download)
  • Sugar and Dairy Products (download)
  • Who Needs Supplements (download)
  • Vitamin B12 2000 Report (download)
  • Questions and Answers - The Ten Virgins (download)
  • The Three Angel's Messages (download)
  • A House of Merchandise (download)
  • Victims of Policy - Dr. David Aguilar's Testimony (download)

  • Blue - Special music
  • Purple - Part of the "Abundant Health 4 U" series
  • Green - Part of the "Inspiration 4 U" series
  • Black - General programming
  • Red - Seventh-day Adventist specific programming

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