Parable of The King and Three Sisters

The King had been married to the oldest sister for many years. During the course of their relationship the woman had been unfaithful for the most part. However, the King had been longsuffering and forgiving, never willing to separate from her.

The King had made only two stipulations prior to their marriage in order for the woman to rightly receive His inheritance:

1) The woman must take His name as hers forever, and
2) The woman must be willing to trust His promises to her.

There came the day when the King's wife no longer trusted the King's promises, and this resulted in her separation from Him. She went to a foreign jurisdiction to obtain her "legal divorce", and in so doing, arranged to keep the King's "legal name", in hopes of usurping the King's inheritance by "the strong arm of civil power".

The middle-aged sister had been a faithful servant in the King's house for years. She adored the King, and had been disappointed to observe the infidelity of her older sister. Being familiar with the King's character, she knew how to be the kind of wife that the King desired and thought to herself, "If only I could be the King's mate, I would take the King's name forever and trust His promises to me."

The youngest sister had only recently matured. Being under the domination of the oldest sister most of her life, she had never really dreamed of being a "Queen". She was grieved at heart to see the spoiled marriage of the royal couple, and realized that the King needed a wife to be fulfilled. She thought to herself, "If the King should choose me as His bride, I would take His name forever, and always trust His promises to me."

When the day came for the King to select a successor to the Queen's throne, the middle-aged sister was interviewed. At first, she was willing to adhere to the king's stipulations for marriage. However, as she heard of the possible conflict with her older sister over the King's "legal inheritance", she begged the King for modification of the stipulations. Explaining to the King that she would not be comfortable "fighting for her rights", she requested to be released from taking His "legal name".

The youngest sister was also interviewed by the King. He reminded her of His two stipulations for obtaining the inheritance. He warned her that some conflict might arise as a result of the "legal position" taken by the former Queen. The young woman gave no hesitation in agreeing to the King's stipulations. She trusted that the promises of the King would deliver her from "fighting for any rights".

Three sisters now claim the King's inheritance. What are their names? Which sister became the King's bride and rightful heiress?

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