The Good News We Share

God [YAH] is, possesses, and exercises unconditional love for all of His creation. Man, being "the crowning act" of His "good work," is most precious to His heart. Although YAH has been disappointed and grieved by the waywardness of the erring race, God has neither left man without hope nor forsaken him to struggle for the victory in his own strength.

The Creator, Himself, sacrificed his "high estate" in the celestial kingdom to bring this dark world the Light of life. He extended total forgiveness and enduring mercy to all who err-- no matter the magnitude of the crime. He proved to the universe that no power in heaven or in earth can overcome the human instrument which is committed to perpetual communion with the Heavenly Father. He also magnified by precept and example the immutable law of the universe-- The Ten Commandments of Love. Jesus [or YAHSHUA], Himself the Creator, demonstrated God's perfect life of self-sacrificing love in "sinful flesh." He partook of our humanity that we might partake of His divinity. Thus, every human being, whether young or old, may live the divine life by faith. "All things are possible" to all who exercise unwavering faith in God's Word.

We understand that the universe is governed by God's laws, both moral and natural. Whatever seed one sows, there shall follow a harvest after its own kind. This simple fact refutes the theory of evolution taught by the popular educational systems of today. God "spoke and it stood fast. "The same Word which framed our universe and holds it in daily existence, is the same Word which keeps every penitent soul in the safety and abundance of eternal life-- the free gift of God offered to everyone, no matter how vile. God's Word promises us that we may receive the gift of "a new heart" which creates a new person within us-- "Christ in you, the hope of glory." "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation, old things are passed away-- all things have become new." Note that when one observes carefully the natural laws of healthful living, temporal benefits abound. The wonderful news is that we can live a longer life, free from the common terminal diseases of this present generation.

The character of YAH has been misrepresented. He does not arbitrarily punish anyone. "God is no respecter of persons." There is no "hell fire" where sinners "roast" without end. But a "fiery end" shall come to all who refuse the "free gift of eternal life" and "do despite to the Spirit of grace." This is a natural law-- it is not arbitrary at all. We can be secure in the faithful care of our tender and merciful Father, as we perfectly obey His laws of our being.

"Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth." Christ is returning soon to deliver His beloved Church from this world of sin, affliction, and death. Yes, this is very "good news." And the "new earth" shall be the home of those who are counted trustworthy to be stewards of God's new creation. Those who "care less" about "life, liberty, and the pursuit" of their neighbor's happiness on this planet shall not be responsible to carry on a harmonious existence in the new earth. In that grand land, every pulse of the inhabitants' hearts shall be in fine tune with the Creator and his government. Perfect obedience was carefully rendered to God in the dark world of iniquity by those purchased at infinite cost, and the natural motivation of the redeemed soul will ever be to please their Savior.

Is this not "Good News!"

Church Administration Office