Two Months to Live


Pastor Jan Marcussen

Mr. Russell sat sprawled across Dr. Mitchell's desk bleeding from the nose and mouth. His surgeon had given him two months to live. He half sat, half laid there; crying.

"I felt like crying too," Dr. Mitchell told me, as he related the incident. "The radiation and chemotherapy had caused him to bleed from the nose, mouth, and rectum. He was in a lot of pain."

The cancer had blocked his colon, and metastasis permeated to the liver and kidneys. Surgery had unblocked the colon so that he could function for a while, but really, medical science gave him little hope.

"I can't treat you any more," the surgeon had told him. He let him know that he need not come back to see him. He could just go home and die in peace. No wonder he was crying.

"My father has colon cancer," his son said. Then came the question from the trembling lips of a man who was being murdered from the inside - "Can you help me?"

From his busy schedule as a minister, his son, Pastor Russell had brought his dad to a doctor whom he had only heard of by word of mouth. What butterflies were in his stomach as he drove through the busy traffic to the office in Orlando's east side! What groans and prayers were going through his own boson as he talked with the doctor; as he looked down at the dear one in the chair - dying!

"Will you do exactly what I tell you," Dr. Mitchell asked?

I'll do anything," came the sob.

"Will you promise me that you won't tell your Doctor?"


There were good reasons for this last question. Number one, its not ethical for one doctor to take over treatment from another unless the patient is referred. There was no referral. The surgeon had told him that he need not return; but, just the same - no referral. As far as the head echelon of medicine at the hospital was concerned, he was given up to die. Also, Mr. Russell was in his upper seventies. A younger man may have been treated longer.

But the main reason Dr. Mitchell asked the question is that what he was about to do for this poor man was unethical as far the A.M.A. and the State Medical Board was concerned. He could lose his license! Though modern medicine had given up on Mr. Russell, if a medical doctor used "unusual" procedures to try to save him, he would be "out". Whimsical treatments; diet or natural remedies, used by a professional instead of the "accepted" drugs, would be a bad example for the other M.D.'s. as well as a mockery to the profession. Thus the question, "Will you promise not to tell your doctor?"

The doctor gave him the treatment program, told him to go home, and return in one week. He would return once a week for three months.

Mr. Russell went home and returned the next week. He came into Dr. Mitchell's office, grabbed and hugged him. "I feel different!" he said excitedly.

"His pain was gone," Dr. Mitchell said. "There was no depression. He was smiling all over." Every week he came back during the course of the treatment, feeling like a young man; full of pep and energy.

At the end of three months Mr. Russell went to see his surgeon. "Here I am," he said, walking into his office.

"You're still alive?" the surgeon blurted out!

He was so overcome by the youthful appearance of this man who had so recently left his office, dying, he decided to admit him into the hospital and find out what had happened. He gave him the usual tests - colonoscope, scanning X-rays, etc. No cancer!

"I can't believe this," the surgeon declared. "I'm going to cut you open."

"Go right ahead," Mr. Russell said. Concerning proof - the more the better!

"He was admitted that day. The next morning he was cut open. The colon, liver and kidneys were checked as well as the surrounding areas. No cancer! The unconscious Mr. Russell was sewed back up and wheeled into the recovery room. After he was in his own room and alert, the surgeon came in to give the good news and talk with him before discharge.

All the surgeon could muster was, "It's just coincidence."

"Just Coincidence!"

What had Dr. Mitchell given him? What had he told him to do each day? And what had he given twenty-four other people who were still alive but had also been dying from cancer?

The following account given to me from Dr. Mitchell, in his home is the same program he gave to Mr. Russell and in general, the other twenty-four individuals.

THE FIRST WEEK. Dr. Mitchell told Mr. Russell to eat nothing but juice and distilled water. The kind of juice and when it was taken was VERY IMPORTANT! Only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables were to be used; nothing canned or frozen. Only fresh carrots, celery, spinach, lemons, apples, grapes and a good variety of other fruits and vegetables could be used. And only DISTILLED water was to be used!

Every-half-hour during each of the following seven days while he was awake he was to drink. He was not to eat anything! Upon waking he was to take four ounces of carrot juice; a half-hour later, four ounces of water, etc. All day - for seven days, this was to be continued. He was given freedom to choose the kind of juices he drank, except that he was to have at least 30 ounces of carrot juice each day. If water was added to any of the juices, it was to be distilled water. A little salt could be put in the celery juice since he wasn't diabetic. A little honey could be put in the lemon water but absolutely no sugar was to be used in anything.

Water on the outside of his body was to be used in showers two or three times per day. And during this first week Dr. Mitchell prescribed a coffee enema to help clean out the colon.

Mr. Russell was to get a little exercise - walking - as he was able. He was to go out in the sunshine, breathing deeply now and then. His body was a masterpiece of God's creation; made of muscle, bone, blood and breath. It was built for performance. He was not to sit and let it rust out from lack of exercise, fresh air and sunshine. His health depended on all these things and especially while fighting cancer.

His mental outlook was very important. Dr. Mitchell told him to play hymns all day long in the background; not jazzy hymns with a beat or any of that easy listening and rock with religious words; but uplifting, holy hymns. He was not to allow any negative thoughts of past, present or future to stay in his mind. He was to think happy, thankful thoughts. He was to educate his mind and lips to speak God's praise - continually!

Doing this was important for several reasons. No. 1: the above frame of mind brings restfulness. Rest of body, mind and sprit were essential. It is another vital factor in goodhealth. No. 2: This training his mind to constantly praise God developed in him faith or trust.

Dr. Mitchell told me that he could not take one ounce of credit for healing Mr. Russell or any of the other twenty-four people. He knew that it was God and the natural elements in nature employed by God which brought the healing. The doctor told me, "Always smile and pray. Prayer - constant communion with God in praise and thanksgiving drew Mr. Russell close to God. This made Mr. Russell willing to do the complete will of the Creator so that His will could be done in behalf of this sick human being." Yes, full surrender; total trust in the will of Divinity was a major element for healing.

In summary: Proper nutrition through fresh fruits and vegetable juices. Pure water to drink and clean water to bathe the outside. Exercise - walking; not too far at first, but increasing the distance every day. Where should he do this? Outside in the sunshine and fresh air. The proper amount of sunlight would control more of the body functions than any other element except food. It would dilate the blood vessels, increase circulation and rid the body of toxins. And a dose of fresh air would bring vitality and oxygen which would help destroy disease in the blood. Rest - Mr. Russell was to receive adequate time for sleep. He was to go to bed early and during the day take short periods of rest. He was told to abstain from negative thoughts of from listening and watching anything that would bring such to mind; he should abstain from sugar, refined flour and processed foods; from tobacco, caffeine and other stimulants or any foods and drinks that contain them; flesh foods of any kind - all of it contained saturated fats and cancer germs or elements which break down body tissues and allow cancer to grow in the body; and he was to abstain from all habits which destroy health including eating and sleeping at irregular times. Alcohol and all drugs were also to be eliminated. And last but not least -Trust in Divine Power. This would allow Nature's Eight Doctors to bring complete restoration and healing.

From the very first week, Dr. Mitchell started giving Mr. Russell vitamins and minerals. Each day he was to take the following and continue throughout the treatment:

400 international units of vitamin D

25,O00 international units of vitamin A (this would be too much for a normal, healthy person)

1400 mg. of calcium

1000 mg. of magnesium

Beginning THE SECOND WEEK he was to start eating solid food - soft at first; such as, apples, bananas, grapefruit, whole wheat bread and whole grain cooked cereals. But there was to be a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Dr. Mitchell prescribed only two meals a day and no more! There was to be nothing eaten between meals except distilled water to drink. And his diet was totally vegetarian - no meat, fish, fowl or eggs, dairy products, lard or grease of any kind, no tobacco, alcohol, cola drinks, coffee, tea, or refined flour, sugar or highly processed foods.

This diet as well as the other activities was to continue throughout his lifetime. But once the cancer was gone the high dosage of vitamins and minerals could be stopped.

Dr. Mitchell told me that in essence, what he gave to Mr. Russell and the other cancer

patients was a scientific application of the Eight Natural Remedies as given to the Seventh-day Adventist people by God through His modern-day prophet, Ellen G. White, in the 1860's. If followed religiously they would not only rid the body of disease but also prevent disease. He told me that at the end of the treatment all of his patients were vegetarians. Another thing he told them was: "If you want to get cancer again, go back to your old ways of living and eating."

And would you believe! Poor Mr. Russell did go back to his old ways, according to Dr. Mitchell. And he did get cancer again!

It seemed so unbelievable to me that I called Mr. Russell on the telephone and talked to him myself.

He said, "Sure enough! I got it again - about six months ago. But this time it was lung ancer. The doctor wanted to give me the same treatment as before - chemotherapy and radiation. But I would have none of it!"

"No thanks!" I told them. Then he said to me, "I went back to the diet Dr. Mitchell gave me and started doing all those other things."

"You weren't cured of cancer the second time were you?" I questioned him, almost holding my breath.

"I sure was!" He declared triumphantly. Then he went on praising and giving glory to God.

Unbelievable! But it was true! I don't think that anyone has ever experienced it twice and lived. Mr. Russell is now eighty-four and going strong.

Yes, all this seems like a fairy-tale, doesn't it? Now, why did Dr. Mitchell treat only a total of 25 cancer patients? Isn't he still helping them? Well, it seems that the State Medical Board forbid Dr. Mitchell to treat anymore patients with cancer. Why?

"I was in my office one day," Dr. Mitchell related, "when in walked a Medical Board Investigator and commanded that I NOT treat anymore cancer patients. He told me my case was under examination and that my license may be taken away."

"What happened then?" I asked.

(Before I go on, let me remind you that Dr. Mitchell doesn't take credit for curing any patient with cancer. He continually gives the credit to God because only the Creator can heal. If anyone has truly been healed, it was God, not any man.)

"Just before I was forbidden to stop taking cancer patients as many as eleven cancer patients would come to my office in one day. When one was cured they would start talking and tell everyone around them. I never advertised anything. They started coming from all over the country!"

"One day a man came to me who was eaten up with lung cancer. He knew that he was dying. I gave him the treatment procedure and told him that he MUST QUIT SMOKlNG. But he didn't quit. He died. The man's son went to a lawyer and asked him to sue me for killing his father. The lawyer wouldn't take the case. So he went to a second but that one wouldn't accept the case either. He went to a third and this one wouldn't sue but he told him that if he wanted to hurt me he knew how that could be done."

This man took down the details and proceeded to seek vengeance for his father's death. How?

He had been told to get a couple of doctors together and make a complaint to the State Medical Board. The Board controls. They give licenses and take away licenses.

That's why the Medical Board Investigator was in Dr. Mitchell's office forbidding him to treat anymore cancer patients. His case was then examined that very month.

While I was talking to Dr. Mitchell he said, "Please pray for me. I'm on probation right now and they still might take my license away."

This experience has driven Dr. Mitchell closer to God than ever before. In fact, it has brought a lot of changes in his life. His testimony made me think of a gem I had read, "If we trust in Christ, we abide in Christ. The blow that is aimed at us falls upon the Saviour, Who surrounds us with His presence. Nothing can touch us without our Lord's permission."

Even before Dr. Mitchell's case was examined and he was placed on probation he had told me, "I've decided to put my practice and my home up for sale, move to some property in the mountains and set up a health conditioning center. I'll build cottages for the people to stay in. I will allow cancer patients, those with arthritis, heart disease and diabetes to come. I will charge them nothing. I'll work on a donation basis only. I will keep no records. Then if the A.M.A. comes and asks about the patients I have been treating, I'll say, 'I don't have any patients. I have only guests.' When they ask to see my records, I'll say, 'I don't have any records.' If I lose my license, that is what I am going to do and if I don't lose my license, I'm still going to do it!"

"Praise God!" I said.

Later Dr. Mitchell told me, "They had me on probation four and a half years. I proved to them that the man's son and the other two doctors were lying. I didn't lose my license. My probation is over now, but I still cannot treat any cancer patients with this program or my case would be up for review again. Other doctors call the "Nature's Eight Doctors" 'NONSENSE!'"

"Does this treatment program work for any type of cancer?" I asked.

"Yes," he replied. "It also works for heart disease, high blood pressure and numerous other ailments. God does the healing. But if a person deviates in the slightest degree it does not work. A person must follow all eight laws religiously. For instance, REST. The Bible tells us that we are to enter into "His Rest." (Hebrews 4:1-4. See also Genesis 2:1-3 and Exodus 20:8-12). Rest is more than sleeping regular hours at night and taking short naps during the day. It is more than playing restful hymns during the day and refraining from any type of worry. In the beginning God established a day of rest and He specified which day that should be. Through the centuries man has tried to change God's laws and set up another day of rest. No where in all Scripture does it say that God's day of rest was changed from the 7th day of the week, Saturday, to the first day of the week, Sunday. In fact, it is quite the opposite. God tells us that HE DOES NOT CHANGE!

(Hebrews 13:6; James 1:17 and Malachi 3:6). So I tell my patients to make the 7th day, Sabbath, a special day of rest when they worship God alone and spend the day in prayer, meditation and a deeper study of His Word."

"Have any other cancer patients come to you since you were put on probation?" I asked.

"Not openly. I cannot treat them now. But there was a lady from the Washington D.C. area who somehow was connected with the Cancer Association. She got cancer and was ashamed to tell the organization that she had it. She came down here and asked if I could treat her. She begged me not to tell anyone. Then I knew it would be safe for me to treat her because she was not about to tell anyone that she even had cancer. She found healing."

At the present Dr. Mitchell's hands are tied. But he has found some property and is slowly moving toward his goal. May God help him to accomplish his dream so that many might find healing and be restored to health.

In the meantime the only way he can help is by your sharing this story with others. There is no copyright on this so you may copy it and spread it like the leaves of autumn. And pray for the hastening of Dr. Mitchell's goal.

Prescription for Health

A simple diet with a merry mind,

Two helpful hands, a tongue that's always kind;

Deep breathing of pure air (still free from tax);

While eating meals, and after work, relax!

Two smiling eyes to prove you still can laugh;

Live simpler lives and cut your bills in half.

A task you love, a conscience crystal clear;

A heart at rests, a mind that's free from fear.

Use water freely, more within, without;

Have faith In God and give no place to doubt.

Then exercise your body, mind, and soul;

Look up and keep your eyes upon life's goal.

Adlai A. Esteb