Trademark Photocopies & Resources

1) This is the front of the trademark document, with the official seal and registration number (you may have to enlarge these on your screen): Trademark Document

2) This is the information page, the specifics of the TM agreement. Notice that it gives the SDA corporation the right to control the name Seventh Day Adventist and also "religious books, pamphlets, newsletters, commentaries..." in paragraph 2. Legally, we can't "buy or sell" anything SDA without "the mark." The worst is in the second column. The TM agreement gives them the right to control "religious observances" which Mrs. White said the image of the beast would do: Information Page

3) This is the same page again, with the aforementioned quote from Mrs. White written on it: Page with quote

4) A letter from the Conference threatening to sue Collin and Russel Standish, who did a lot of good writing for the Conference: Standish letter

5) A letter from the Confernece to the Rogue Valley Historic SDA Church. Again threatening to sue, saying, "I am sure you do not want to violate applicable law.": Rogue Valley letter

6) A notice of legal contest from the GC to the Troy Seventh Day Adventist Church: Troy letter

7) Letter from the GC officials to pastor Raffael Perez, who later WAS sued. They settled out of court, the pastor's church agreeing to give up the name. By agreeing to the church/state union's decree, we believe he took the mark of the beast in his hand - "going along" with it: Eternal Gospel / Raffael Perez letter

8) A letter from R. Nixon, the head of the SDA Corporation (not Church's) legal department, explaining that the money which goes to sue Christians comes from God's own Tithe!: Tithe letter

9) You may need to print these two out to read them properly (they're sideways). They are pages from an 1800s Sabbath school lesson, explaining the Adventist belief that a Church that uses the state to defend itself is not only no longer a Church, but enforces a mark of the beast (i.e. the Papacy): Page one Page two

10) Eternal Gospel Church Court Documents pdf (Hosted by the Adventist Review magazine website): Eternal Gospel court document

11)Associated Press Article : General Conference vs Eternal Gospel Church: A.P. Article

12) United States Patent and Trademark Office official website. To view the Trademark, click "Trademarks" under "USPTO Search Collection", then "New User Search Form (Basic), and enter Seventh-day Adventist into the search field, leaving all search settings default.

Two results will come up, one is the trademark on the name "General Conference of Seventh Day Adventists", and the bottom is the trademark on the actual name Seventh Day Adventist. Click the trademark for information and to view it online, click "TARR" to the left to view prosecution and legal history regarding that trademark. U.S.P.T.O.