In August of this year, we began opening our stores between services on Sunday afternoons-starting with the Dallas area. Family Christian Stores has now extended our hours to include Sunday nationwide.

We have an opportunity to extend our ministry to the primary day of worship, and reach people when ministry is at the forefront of their hearts and minds. Being open between services on Sunday also furthers our ministry of providing guests with the Bibles, books and other Christian resources that meet their needs-whenever their needs arise.

This was a decision that we took very seriously-and after prayer, study and counsel from other Christian leaders-we felt it as important for Family Christian Stores to be serving our guests on Sunday for limited hours.

The abbreviated Sunday hours reflect our desire to support morning worship time for our employees and guests, while still meeting the resource needs of the Christian community.

If you have any comments or questions regarding Family Christian Stores being open between services on Sunday, please contact us at info@fcsdirect.familychristian.com.

We at Family Christian Stores are committed to a very important calling-Helping to Strengthen Hearts, Minds & Souls by helping you to grow closer to Christ.
  In Christ,

President and CEO
Family Christian Stores

NPR Report on Family Christian Stores Sunday Openings: 12/17/03