The Creation Seventh Day (and) Adventist Church logo is a distinctive emblem, representing the Seal of YAHWEH, “Creator of Heaven and Earth.” Within the Seal, the phrase “YAH Our Righteousness” (Jeremiah 23:6; 33:16) describes the heritage of faith each Church member possesses. The Hebrew characters in the center (יהוה and יהושע) read “YAHWEH” and “YAHSHUA” when transliterated to English — the names of the Heavenly Father and His “only begotten Son.” "The Creation Seventh Day” represents the Creation Sabbath when YAHWEH rested on “the seventh day” of the Creation week. Finally, “Adventist Church” stands for the “called-out ones” who believe in the soon and imminent return of YAHSHUA, the Messiah — for the purpose of transporting His Holy Church to Heaven, the New Jerusalem of YAH.


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