Dear David,

I haven't read that latest [author's name]'s book, but I have read the original (or second to the original). To be honest, it was that book that concreted (as much as is possible at least) the fact in my mind that there will not be a preTrib rapture. I looked up all the scriptures that he (the author) used as proof of early rapture and NOT ONE was decisive in the least. In fact, several I felt were taken out of context. I also agree with the thought that the preTrib theory is setting a lot of weak Christians (and, perhaps some stronger ones) for a harsh disappointment. And, to be honest, I don't think a preTrib rapture would be in the interest of the new Kingdom anyway.

This may sound harsh, but what better way to discern the heart of man than to have to withstand persecution to the point of death. I know that sounds a bit fatalistic, but hopefully you see my point. Christ (Yah, in fact) is not looking for half-hearted, "please save me," followers...but rather lovers. There is a reason we are called the Bride of Christ (post Resurrection Christians). That does NOT denote someone looking for 'fire-insurance' (I hate that term). And, concerning children...yes, the thought of them having to live through the Great Tribulation is horrific. But, that is the effect of sin. We don't comprehend the depths to which we've come through sin. We are truly doomed..apart from Christ's gift of salvation. Even the children.

Am I looking forward to being persecuted? Well, yes and no. The 'NO' is the natural reaction of myself to run from pain. The 'YES', though, is the fact that at that point, my God..and anyone looking on will KNOW, without any shadow of a doubt, wherein my faith and hope and trust lay. It strikes me that so many don't want to have to claim Jesus. Oh sure, they say "I'm a Christian," but in the same breath, they continue "and my faith is a personal thing." In some respects... yes, it is.

But, it also HAS to be a public thing. Jesus hung on that cross NAKED, for the world to laugh. He did NOTHING but love those around and point them toward the Father...toward the salvation from the penalty of death through sin. And, now we hide the fact that we've been saved from a death more terrible than we can conceive? How utterly foolish!