(Church Membership: Is It Important? Is It Biblical?)


Appendix A: The Things That Have Been Restored

Appendix A1: The Godhead

The Sacred Names: ename.html

The Trinity Doctrine: Studies on the Creation Seventh Day Adventist understanding of the Godhead from both the Scriptures and the early pioneers of Adventism may be found here:
and here:

Appendix A2: Tongues

A Biblical study: etongues.html
A historical study: etongues2.html

Appendix A3: The New Moon

A study on the New Moon doctrine may be read here: emoon.html

Appendix A4: The Victory

Studies on the Gospel, the victory over sin, may be found here:
The Victory: evictory.html
Ruth: eruth.html
Creation vs. Evolution: ecrevevo.html
The Two Pauls: erom.html
Whirlwind and Scepter: ewhirl.html

Appendix B: The Books of War

A continuing record of the Great Controversy:
The Empyrean War: Ewar.html
The Antidiluvian War: Awar.html
The Shinaric War: Swar.html

Appendix C: The Identity of The Sister Harlot

The following studies provide information regarding the Sister Harlot:
The Mark and The Seal: emark.html
The 8th Note: enote.html
The Five Towers: eTowers.html
The Fate of Aholibah: efate.html
Appearing To Fall: eChurchfall.html

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