The following books provide Biblical insights on such diverse topics as Church membership, Christian growth, and spiritual warfare. The first shelf, the Sar'im Chronicles, is a continuing series of records revealing the divine conflict through angelic eyes. Clicking on any title below will open a small menu for the selection of a reading format. Most books are presented in HTML, and printer-friendly Word and PDF files are also provided.

Volume 1 Book 1: The Empyrean WarVolume 1 Book 2: The Antediluvian WarVolume 1 Book 3: The Shinaric WarVolume 2 Book 1: The Terran ConflictVolume 2 Book 2: The Egyptian ConflictHoly Kisses 1: Altar of Silence
Tehom-At: Demonic History & The Rites of ExorcismThe TWo Temples: A Christian WorkbookTraces of Creation: Assorted Bible StudiesLetters to Rachel: Email CorrespondencesThe Highway of Holiness (Volume 1): A Christian GuidebookThe Highway of Holiness (Volume 2): A Christian Guidebook
Los Dos Templos: Una Cuaderno ChristianoA Sure Covenant: Church MembershipCrucified Afresh: CSDA Position PaperYour Gift From Yah: His Only SonLiberty of Conscience: A Gift Worth PreservingThe Modern Reformation1888 GoldFinally... Out of Darkness, Into His Marvellous Light