55 Theses

on the trademark of and persecution over the name "Seventh-day Adventist"

Out of love for the truth and the desire to bring it to light, the following propositions will be discussed via telephone, letter, email, internet, in person, or, in short, any feasible mode of communication desired, at the request of interested parties.

For such discussion as described above, please contact either the author, Lucan Chartier, or the Creation 7th Day Adventist Church.

In the Name our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

1. Jesus Christ our Lord taught that we are to render our enemies good for evil, to give to those that ask, to give your coat to those that seek to take your cloke, and to walk two miles with those who compel you for only one. In essence, that we are to "turn the other cheek" to our adversaries. (Matthew 9:39-44)

2. Scripture teaches that the Father and the Son alone are justified in taking vengeance upon the wicked, and that we are to trust in their protection, not to avenge ourselves. (Romans 12:19-21) As such, any attempt to avenge ourselves is in blatant opposition to God's word.

3. Scripture carries the principle of trusting in Christ to avenge through into civil court matters, teaching explicitly that it is a fault to take a fellow Christian before secular courts, but that rather the wounded party should suffer wrong, taking the loss. (1 Corinthians 6:1-8) Therefore, to take a brother to court is to violate the word of God.

4. While the bible does command that we are to obey the powers of government put in place, it is clear that this does not carry over into the duties of man to his God; That is to say, the state has no power over matters of conscience, and should the state decree in opposition to God, obedience must be rendered unto God. (Acts 5:29, Daniel 3:18)

5. Service is due to the Creator first and foremost, above all other authorities. This is the very foundational premise of Protestantism.

6. If a church organization as a whole should take Christians before civil tribunals over matters of faith, they are then by definition no longer Protestants, and are exhibiting the same characteristics and spirit of the Papacy in its glory days; That is to say, the persecution of dissenters with civil power.

7. Of the church organization that commits acts of restricting liberty of conscience, it could be said that they are, in essence, forming an image to the Papacy by their actions; as they are a church using state power to persecute over religious differences.

8. The teaching of Christ and the example of the Apostles was that should someone falsely take it upon themselves to represent the name of Christ, they should not be forbidden; instead the truth will be played out and the true followers will be contrasted with the false by God's hand. (Mark 9:38-40, Acts 19:13-17) Therefore, to force another not to use a religious name is directly antagonistic to the teaching of the scriptures.

9. Scripture teaches strongly against placing trust in the governments of the world, or calling to the said governments for help, or the defense of the Church. (Hosea 1:7; 5:13; 7:10-11, Isaiah 31:1, Psalms 146:3) Therefore, to request and receive protection from a worldly government is in direct opposition to God's word.

10. The Father states that He will fight for His people, and they are to hold their peace. (Exodus 14:14) Therefore, not only acts of avenging ones self, but also acts of seeking to fight for or protect ones self is in violation of the word of God.

11. The General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists filed for and received a U.S. federal trademark on the name Seventh-Day Adventist as of 1981, and has used this trademark to prosecute those who differ from their faith while yet retaining the name Seventh-Day Adventist. By doing so, they have violated the word of God.

12. One group was sued by the Conference while still being members of their church organization, soley because of differences of doctrine. Another man was prosecuted to the point of imprisonment for not giving up the name. Scripture teaches that committing men and women to prison for religious differences is the persecution thereof; (Acts 8:1-4; 22:4, Luke 21:12) as such, the Conference has and is enacting persecution.

13. Conference representatives defend their actions by claiming that "times have changed;" In contrast, the scripture declares that Christ is the same "yesterday, to day, and forever," and the Father Himself states in the holy scriptures, I change not." (Hebrews 13:8, Malachi 3:6)

14. It must be concluded that it is not God who has changed with the times, as infallible scripture declares that He does not, but that it is the world that has changed with the times, and the Conference organization has changed with it.

15. Scripture declares that two cannot walk together unless they agree; (Amos 3:3) Therefore, for the Conference to have walked with the world into change, they must either agree with the world, or be part of it. Scripture declares that the friendship of the world is enmity with God; (James 4:4) as such, the Conference's actions testify that they are against God.

16. Scripture teaches that to do something to one of Christ's people is equal to doing it to Him; (Matthew 25:40, Acts 9:4) therefore, should the Conference sue Christ's people, they are persecuting Christ Himself as a result of their enmity with Him.

17. The Conference maintains that it is a just cause to protect the churches name from tarnish. According to Scripture, to knowingly violate the plain word of God, regardless of intent, brings the wrath of God against the offender nonetheless. (1 Chronicles 13:7-10)

18. As God has commanded the civil courts are not to be used for matters between brethren, much less matters of faith, the Conference is in clear violation of the word of God regardless of intent.

19. Christ commanded His Father's house not be made a house of merchandise. (John 2:16) In order to file for a trademark, the General Conference had to classify religious observences and missionary work as "Goods and Services," in effect designating the gospel as a product, and themselves as its originator.

20. The General Conference teaches that Ellen Gould White was a prophet of God; Therefore, they must assert that she was correct in her assessment that the name "Seventh-Day Adventist" was given by God, and is not an invention of the General Conference. [Selected Messages, Book 2, page 384] This would negate any ability for them to trademark the name, as they are not the owners nor inventors thereof; God is.

21. Ellen White taught that the name was given to God's people to carry into the close of human probation. [Selected Messages 2, page 385] As other Adventist groups also teach Ellen White to be a prophet and themselves to be the Adventist church, it is therefore a restriction of religious freedom to persecute them for such.

22. Early Seventh-Day Adventists taught clearly that to take a brother before the courts of the world, and to create a union with the state were both blatant violations of the spirit of the Sabbath commandment. Therefore, the General Conference is in violation of the fourth commandment, unless it should disclaim its own "founders;" the very ones who received the name to begin with.

23. Scripture teaches "corporate accountability," that the members of an organization are held accountable for the sins of their leaders. (Isaiah 9:6, 1 Kings 14:16, Acts 2:36-38) The General Conference is then, by the standard of its founders, enforcing a false Sabbath on believers, in that one must either abandon the name they believe God has given them, join to them and thus take part in their Sabbath-breaking sins by membership, or else face persecution.

24. The First Ammendment forbids, in part, any law to be passed by congress in respect to establishing a religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. By definition, the trademark on the church name "Seventh-Day Adventist" is the establishing of the Conference church by the state, and is thus in violation of the constitution of the United States of America.

25. Ellen G. White spoke unambiguously, and in very strong words against bringing others to the courts of the world to settle disputes. Therefore, the General Conference is in blatant and bold violation of the word of God, the words of the prophet it claims to believe, and the words of the U.S. constitution.

26. The General Conference and its representatives have been made aware of their error, and have neglected to offer any form of repentance for their actions. They then, by elimination, believe that they are above the very things they profess to adhere to and defend.

27. The Conference teaches that they will one day suffer persecution for obeying the literal Sabbath day, and that those who obey the truth of the Sabbath must come out of the persecuting power at this point or else perish. Scripture teaches there is no respect of persons with God, therefore, they need also concede that those within their own organization must come out of the Conference, as they are currently a persecuting power.

28. According to scripture, the mark of the beast its name, and none may buy or sell without it. Possessing a trademark on a corporate name prevents all from buying or selling (trading) in the said name, unless they are of the organization officially and thus may legally do so under the marked name. As such, the Conference is enforcing a mark of a name.

29. The Conference teaches that the Papacy is the only organization that can be represented by the first beast of Revelation 13; Likewise, the United States is the only government that can be represented by the second. They also expect that an image to the first beast will arise from the U.S. or second beast, in the form of a formerly protestant church using civil power to persecute those who do not receive its mark. If then this is the case, they must declare that they themselves are exempt from this prophecy, that they are the fulfillment thereof, or that their interpretation is flawed.

30. According to the General Conference, the test of whether or not one is a true Seventh-Day Adventist is whether or not they adhere to 27 fundamental teachings of the Conference organization. By doing so, they erect a standard in place of God's word as the test of who is one of His people with the right to bear His name.

31. Using the standard of the 27 fundamental beliefs, the very pioneers and founders of the Adventist church would be denied membership in the current Conference organization. Therefore they set themselves above and against the claimed pioneers of their own church, yet claim precedence to use the same name, in majestic hypocrisy.

32. The Conference has trademarked their name with the intent of making a name for themselves, and fear of being classified with many smaller divisions; in doing such, they have followed the same pattern of reasoning as the builders of Babel. (Genesis 11:4)

33. By persecuting dissenters to protect the reputation of the church, the Conference does in fact follow the exact reasoning of Caiaphas when proposing the crucifixion of Christ; that it is meet for one man to die for the denomination, that all be preserved. (John 11:50)

34. By appealing to the state, which previously had no interest whatsoever in Seventh-Day Adventist church affairs, the Conference has employed the same means of persecution as Israel did by persuading Pilate to crucify Christ.

35. According to Mrs. White's writings, the unchurching of the nation of Israel came when their leaders cried, "We have no king but caesar." [Manuscript Releases vol. 12, page 388] As God has no respect of persons, the Conference must then have unchurched itself in like manner, by appealing to the arm of the state.

36. By the state given definition of the true Seventh-Day Adventist church, the General Conference has followed in the exact same first steps that lead to the emperial establishment of the Catholic Church under Constantine.

37. By persecuting their former brethren with state power, the Conference has done the exact same as the Papacy did to those Catholics who dissented to become Protestants; they therefore by their actions agree that the Papacy was just in their actions, even if their words deny such.

38. The Conference, by demanding materials printed with the name "Seventh-Day Adventist" on them to be destroyed, has followed the same course as the Catholic church in ordering the destruction of religious "heretical materials," defined as such by difference of faith.

39. The Conference claims to teach the 3 angel's messages; They teach that that Papacy is Babylon the harlot, yet the very reasons they give for such, they themselves are guilty of. The Conference then is not teaching the whole truth, but is teaching only enough truth to sufficiently divert attention from their own actions.

40. In order for the Conference to truthfully teach the 3 angel's messages, it would need to either change their concept of it, or to denounce themselves as a fallen body and warn their members against staying within it.

41. Christ taught that the blood of all the slain righteous is on those who say they would not have taken part in persecution had they been present, but persecute others in their own time. (Matthew 23:29-36) By application, the same must apply to the Conference for condemning the past actions of the Catholic church and earthly Israel while comitting like acts.

42. As Israel was unchurched for its persecution of Christ with Roman power, North Israel was unchurched for its persecution of South Israel with Assyrian power, and Catholicism was unchurched for its persecution of Christ in His saints with Roman power, Conference Adventism must likewise be unchurched should it follow the same path, else the example of the word of God be made of none effect.

43. Scripture teaches very clearly that the church of Christ is His bride, and that worldly governments are considered men in symbolism. (Ephesians 5:27, Ezekiel 23) According to the Mosaic law, a woman cannot remarry her first husband should she leave him and marry another. (Deuteronomy 24:1-4) God Himself applied this law to His relationship with Israel, then still the Church. (Jeremiah 3:3) By symbolism then, the Conference church has divorced Christ her first husband, and married another man; a government power through union therewith. By law, they are beyond returning to Christ their first husband under any circumstances.

44. Scripture teaches that the church of Christ will be presented to Him without blemish; therefore, as they refuse to repent of an anti-scriptural course of action, the Conference cannot be the Church. (Ephesians 5:27)

45. The Conference itself has published a Sabbath School quarterly stating in no uncertain terms that when a church joins to the state and uses civil power to persecute, they become Babylon fallen and the true church is invariably called out. They are, then, in violation of not only the U.S. constitution, the word of God, and the words of Ellen White, but their own teachings as well.

46. As the Conference has followed the criteria set forth for unchurching by Mrs. White, all statements she and other early Adventists made regarding the true Church and not leaving such would no longer apply to the Conference, but to the true Church, the body that would be called out upon their fall.

47. It is an established doctrine of Catholicism that the Pope is infallible in regard to matters of leading the Church. Therefore, should it be claimed arbitrarily that the Conference is exempt from the rules of unchurching and state unions, the same must be granted to Catholicism along with it; In fact to Catholicism would go precedence to the claim, as they taught such as doctrine almost one hundred years before the Conference received its trademark.

48. If Catholicism is exempt from unchurching based on its own declaration, Conference Adventism and indeed all Protestanism must be declared a false deviation from the true Church. If this be true, then Israel as well must be granted the exemption they were assured that they had through Abraham their father, as Ellen White taught that they believed they had. By consistancy and logic then, if the Conference is to be exempted from unchurching themselves through civil persecution, all churches before it must be granted the same, and we therefore must return to Judaism in order to render due service unto God.

49. Scripture teaches that Christ's followers are to be known as such by love for one another; (1 John 4:7-13) the Conference depends on state recognition to be known as His followers, and thus erect their own standard in place of the one set by the Word of God.

50. Christ prophesied that His followers would be persecuted, put into prisons and brought before rulers for His name's sake. (Luke 21:12) In the act of persecuting others over the name Christ has given to His people, the Conference has fulfilled this against God's people.

51. Scripture teaches that to stand with a group or individual who is in blatant and hopeless rebellion is to partake of their sins and their punishment; (Numbers 16:1-33, Revelation 18:4-5) Therefore, to stay within the Conference is to knowingly take part in their sins, and consequently, the punishments for their sins as well.

52. While some have stated that we are to stay with the Conference until they repent, scripture, Ellen White, and the Conference itself teaches that when an apostate religious body joins to the government and uses its power to persecute, the true Church is called out.

53. Peter told the entire house of Israel - including those Jews from other lands - that they had crucified Christ, although only their religious leader's were actually guilty of the deed. (Acts 2:36-38) Therefore, by consistancy the entire house of Conference Adventism, meaning its members, must likewise repent of their leader's deeds.

54. Scripture teaches that to bid a false teacher Godspeed or take him into your home is to take part of his evil deeds. (2 John 10-11) Therefore, to give tithe or membership to a false teaching organization would be paramount to directly aiding it's work, and thus being a partaker therein.

55. Scripture teaches that two cannot walk together unless they agree. (Amos 3:3) If the mark being taken in the forehead amounts to decisions, as the Conference teaches it does, then the decision to walk with or in them is equal to agreeing with their persecution, and thus taking their mark in the forehead.